Welcome To The Almost Blue Radio Network

Welcome to The Almost Blue Radio Network, a brand new broadcasting service proudly beaming all over the world through the wonders of modern technology.

Our aim is to provide a variety of radio programs to entertain, stimulate and motivate as many listeners as we can.

This includes music of all genres, artist interviews, new album releases, concert reviews, health & well being programs as well as general interest shows for all ages.

Music Lovers

We encourage audience participation for all of our shows and we will continually update our broadcasts and variety of shows to reflect what is of current interest and look forward to replying to everyone in time.

The Almost Blue Radio Network is a non profit organisation affiliated with The Strength and Vitality registered charity and operates solely as a form of musical entertainment, artist promotion, free information and opinions expressed by the individual hosts and their guests of each show.

We will try hard not to take sides on particular issues but will talk openly an honestly about what we see, read or hear and encourage you to have your say as well.

So hit the “Listen” button to hear what we’re up to right now and enjoy.

Cheers from Michelle and Michael

The Almost Blue Radio Network
Melbourne Australia

This Weeks Shows

Almost Blue Radio Show

Last weeks false start has made this weeks show the easiest to put together. This weeks show is last weeks show being played this week so this weeks show is a week old but being broadcast for the first time … this week not last week. If you understand that then pat yourself on the back. Our apologies for the “no show” but 10 minutes before start time … complete communication breakdown. No telephones … no internet … nothing so sadly we packed up and like Elvis we left the building. But log on tonight at 9.00PM Melbourne Australia time to www.almostblueradio.com for 3 hours of great blues and other assorted good tunes.

Show 847

Pay It Forward Radio Show

Show 86

Pay It Forward Radio Show –  How to stay positive when you life is falling apart ?

Time is so precious, we often take it for granted life here on earth, it is the most important of all our life’s together here with each other. We get to experience amazing things, from every emotion, happiest, fear, sadness courage, strength and most of all love. And love conquers all

Listen to a interesting topic on the Pay It Forward Radio Show every Friday Morning  on the Almost Blue Radio Network….

Almost Blue Radio show with Michelle Richardson

9am till 11 am log on to across the web live – streaming

https://www.almostblueradio.com/ Listen loud and clear.
Michelle Richardson Health Practitioner…


Listen in 9 am till 11 am every Friday Morning


Listen in to Michelle and Isabella  for a interesting conversation 9 am till 11 am every Friday morning on the Almost  Blue Radio network.


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