Michael Holman

Once upon a time a timid and shy man … well that’s how I remember it …. was asked to co-host a blues radio show with a good friend and broadcasting legend Greg Webb. So in I went all nervous and excited like a first date and had my first experience in broadcasting.

That was it … I was fascinated and enthralled with broadcasting from then on in. So after a few years of co-hosting and filling in where needed I began my own show based on and about the Blues and all of its variations. Hence, its name and the beginning of “The Almost Blue Radio Show”.

So skip to 23 years later, a time filled with meeting and interviewing some of the absolute legends of the blues music scene, being the first to launch so many new artists and new CD’s, incredible concerts and then finding someone that I was prepared to share my creation with, Michelle Richardson, here I am, still loving it as much as ever.

And now we move onto another very exciting phase of my passion, creating a new broadcasting environment and reaching out to the millions of blues music lovers around the world. And we are all still living happily ever on.


Michelle Richardson

I first became involved with radio and broadcasting through a random meeting with Michael Holman through a mutual music friend.It was at an Eric Steckel concert and as soon as I heard Eric play I knew I was hooked on Blues music.

Added to that was an ongoing passion I had always had to be one day, heard on radio. While Michael and I were chatting I become aware that he was already involved in radio and had been for quite some time.So one thing led to another and either I asked Michael or he asked me, we are still arguing over that one, about joining him on his show to begin my training in the art of broadcasting.

And the rest as they say is history.Firstly, I became Michael’s “Almost Blue Radio Show” co-host ( his first in 22 years) as well as going on to create my own show “Pay It Forward” Since then I have been well and truly converted to the wonderful world of blues music as well as the having the joy in presenting my own show that offers genuine support and help for so many people in our world community.

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