"Support the sponsors that support us that support the charity!"

What is our sponsorship?

Essentially it is advertising, but as we are a non profit charity organisation with all profits going directly to the Strength and Vitality Charity Foundation and a community based broadcast service, it is classified as a sponsorship or donation.

Why sponsor us?

We have a loyal and passionate listenership. Exclusivity – only 5 minutes of announcements per hour. We provide high frequency promotions at a economical cost effective price. Campaigns with us are designed and produced by our professional team and are tailored to meet your business’ needs. Your business is actively supporting a not for profit charity and community organisation, whilst gaining visibility throughout our listener network. We currently have over 10,000 members from all around the world that will be tuned in to what you have to say and about what you do. So no matter where you are….there will be listeners and they will hear your message.

What‘s In It For Me (The Business)?

Primarily, a “local to you” audience building an increased awareness of your company. We will continue to grow our community of listeners all around the world creating the right level of awareness of your brand. Sponsorship and Donations are tax deductible as a business expense….but please check your local taxation regulations.

What is included in your Sponsorship?

The professional production of one announcement per package or you may prefer to supply your own announcement …and that’s fine with us as well. All packages include your business’ logo and contact details, which are linked on the front page of our website. Your business or event is also featured in our Sponsorship page.

Sponsorship and Donation Levels

Station Sponsorship target the broad range of your listenership as well as the visitors to our website so:

  • Choose the time of day and frequency of announcements to suit your business needs
  • Your business logo, contact details and website link will be visible on our website page
  • Your business logo and web link will be added to the our website rotating banner

Show Sponsorship - Target and reach a particular demographic

  • Select the show that you think best suits your message
  • Your 30 second promotion will achieve maximum impact being broadcast at the beginning, during and at the end of your chosen show (total of 12 spots per week)
  • Your business logo, contact details and website link will be visible on the Show website

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