Welcome To The Almost Blue Radio Network

Welcome to The Almost Blue Radio Network, a brand new broadcasting service proudly beaming all over the world through the wonders of modern technology.

Our aim is to provide a variety of radio programs to entertain, stimulate and motivate as many listeners as we can.

This includes music of all genres, artist interviews, new album releases, concert reviews, health & well being programs as well as general interest shows for all ages.

Music Lovers

We encourage audience participation for all of our shows and we will continually update our broadcasts and variety of shows to reflect what is of current interest and look forward to replying to everyone in time.

The Almost Blue Radio Network is a non profit organisation affiliated with The Strength and Vitality registered charity and operates solely as a form of musical entertainment, artist promotion, free information and opinions expressed by the individual hosts and their guests of each show.

We will try hard not to take sides on particular issues but will talk openly an honestly about what we see, read or hear and encourage you to have your say as well.

So hit the “Listen” button to hear what we’re up to right now and enjoy.

Cheers from Michelle and Michael

The Almost Blue Radio Network
Melbourne Australia

This Weeks Shows

Almost Blue Radio Show

Show 871

We have a very special edition of the Almost Blue Radio Show scheduled for 4.00pm this coming Wednesday 4th December. And a special show requires a special reason and we have 2 of them. Firstly, blues radio legend Greg ” The Webster ” Webb will be joining me in the studio and together we will be chatting with blues performing star Kirk Fletcher. So a very special broadcast which i think we should dub The Almost Red to Blue Special. Make sure you log on to www.almostblueradio.com at 4.00 pm for some great tracks and live to air interview with one of the world’s leading bluesmen.

Pay It Forward Radio Show

Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.” ~ Unknown

The revolution is here ~ are you ready to embrace it?

“Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.”

Without loving yourself you have no unconditional love to give, 

Love is a topic that I bring up again and again and for a very good reason. That reason you ask? Why, it’s that loving yourself is the ultimate revolutionary act. Think about that for a minute ~ that loving yourself is a revolutionary act.

Incredible isn’t it?! I know that when I realized this it knocked me right on my ass. One of the greatest rebellious acts we have in our possession is to love ourselves wholly and completely. To embrace who and what we are and to unconditionally love every bit of it.


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