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Blues Music Past Present And Future Cultural

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Where did blues music come from? How did it start? Blues music: the past, present, and the future. Blues music originally started in the African- American communities in the “Deep South” of the United States. Blues music originated about the 19th century in such states as: Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. These areas are known as the “Deep South.” Blues referred to by the color “indigo” was used by West African cultures. This color symbolized mourning, death, and suffering. The comparison of the indigo plant and slave plantations in the United States became the origin of how “blues” came to be.

Slaves would sing as they worked in the cotton fields, probably to pass make the time go by quicker. Blues consisted of many several musical forms and styles. Blues consisted of many other types of music that had already existed such as: spirituals, work songs, field hollers, shouts, and chants. All of these different types of musical sounds or styles joined together and brought forth what we call “blues” music today. The “blues” related to the struggles of the deep South’s heavily populated African- American communities. The word “blues” also derived from the phrase “blue devils,” which also means sadness or depression Listen every Thursday night 9 pm till midnight with Michelle and Micheal log on to the Almost Blue Radio Show


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