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Cancer is not a death sentence

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There are many ways to reduce the symptoms to a point of even reserving the diagnoses of cancer naturally, with science-based evidence tools and technology all over the world.

We are living with cancer in us as a single cell, cancer lives within our bodies. With our stressed lifestyle, lack of nutrition, emotional baggage and lack of movement sitting for 3/4 ‘s of your day in an office full of negativity people, staring at computer screens, take away coffee and over the counter meals our bodies are overload with stress, toxins, poisons and heavy metals.

We all want a perfect lifestyle, of freedom and financial abundance, but at the same time we strive to have everything at what costs to our health.

Research has shown our stress is killing us, and becomes all sorts of health issues, that leads to a terminal illness if not addressed. All because we do not listen to our bodies, the warning signs are there and ring constantly we ignore the constant pain and nagging as we switch off hoping it will go away, and haven’t got time to deal with it, it  all becomes way too hard to deal with.

It is even harder when you are in a hospital bed with a drip wondering why I even got the dam thing….. and for the rest of your life you are on a cocktail of prescription drugs, with no way out of the depression and lack of motivation to get your health right, or even know where to start hoping and in fear that it doesn’t come back or regenerate.

Health is not tricking, it is a simple lifestyle change with little cost and massive rewards.

Michelle Richardson



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