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Believe in what you do

For Years, actually 45 years of my life, I was trapped in a world of not believing what I could do, it was like a terminal cancer in side my brain. Nothing would work, I completely shut down and no – one could get through to me that there was a cure for my condition, but I didn’t believe there was. I focus on my hurt and why me syndrome and also the people around me validated my existence, my family and a few friends I had.
Although my career as a health professional I spoke of courage and never giving up in finding your true health, and yes ! Maybe I was always speaking about myself through others, I never heard my own words of encouragement to reach my potential. Always felt inadequate and inferior to others. Why was my believe system so stuck!!! When others could do it, become well and speak clearly with intelligence, be humble in a debate of wisdom and stand for what they believe in.
The cancer was always there, it felt like cancer, as I experience it through my sister pain and diagnoses as we speak, she has been carrying her internal pain for 45 years as well, but hers is different or maybe not, we all grow up with the same parents and their believe system, and this had a huge impact on us girls, as we all took on our own perceptive of what that meant to us.
Her pain did turn into cancer, as the doctors describe it as terminal, 4 years now as I know through my experience there is a way out, she is surviving and thriving and I am seeing her at her beautiful property in the country, loving life with others.
Michelle Richardson… her loving sister
Michelle Richardson… her loving sister

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