Pay it Foward returns

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The time to tell a story Pay Ity Forward  –  Michelle Rchardson

Whether or not you’ve seen the 2000 film “Pay It Forward”—in which a young elementary schooler played by Haley Joel Osment performs good deeds for strangers and encourages them to “pay it forward,” setting in motion a virtuous cycle of good deeds that eventually change the world for the better—you’ll be happy to know that such kindness in the world does indeed exist. Need proof? Simply read on. Here we’ve gathered the perfect collection of heartwarming stories about the power of selfless human kindness. But be forewarned: You’d be smart to keep a box of Kleenex at the ready. And for more positive tales.

The stories I will share with you on tomorrows program 9 am Melbourne stardard time till 11 am with great music and wonderful stroies of gifting …

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