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We had a very interesting topic on our show last week thoughts, this week we are going to branch onto  taking action, how do we do that, and what support is needed to overcome not achieving your dreams. Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”
Napoleon Hill Don’t wait.

What makes dreams into reality?

I believe that perhaps the most important – and an often ignored – thing is simply taking action.

I used to be really bad at it when I was younger.

Back then I usually got stuck.

I got stuck in my dreams about what I wanted to do.

I got stuck in analysis paralysis due to my habit of overthinking things. I got stuck in procrastination and in pessimism.

Things have changed a lot since then though. I have added many new habits that help me to take much more action than I used to.

I hope this week’s article will help you to do the same.
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